Tasking Manager: Updates so far as a Tech Collective


Kathmandu Living Labs started as a tech collective by taking over the maintenance of the HOT Tasking Manager in February this year. From being warmly welcomed as a first member of the tech collective to the present day, the journey has been filled with a variety of experiences. There have been challenges and great learnings, but we are super grateful for all the support and acceptance we have received. We would like to thank our mappers, validators, community, open source developers, individual contributors, and everyone who contributed directly and indirectly to this shared vision of collective. We hugely appreciate all of the constructive criticism and valuable suggestions as this is what the collective is all about “Building with, for, and by the community”.


“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.” – Helen Keller


Let’s have a quick recap of our product updates from the last six months.

Q1 2022 highlights and updates

  • Welcoming RapiD editor

RapiD is finally here. RapiD editor is an enhanced version of iD editor that uses AI to make predictions of roads and buildings on a map. saving users the effort of drawing them. Please check it out if you haven’t.


Fig: sneak peek of RapiD editor

  • Launch of Monthly Collective meetups

🎉We hosted our first meetup in April and it has been going incredible. We take meetups as an opportunity to showcase and deliver our monthly updates, gain insights, and hear perspectives from everyone on particular issues and features in Tasking Manager.


Fig: screenshot of our one of the collective meetup


  • Summary of interesting issues/features worked on

Improvement of Error Messages on various scenarios

Validators can now mark all tasks at once while validating multiple tasks

Addition of checkbox to redirect to previous project after unlocking task in another project, which is helpful while working in multiple projects at the same time.

Improve time filter on statistics pages by adding common date range filters
Addition of TM Cheat Sheet to TM Learn page
Addition of feature to preview markdown content for project detail comment section 

New Notification Category: Any posts to “Questions and comments” section of a project have been added

✅ Other worked issues can be found here : https://github.com/orgs/hotosm/projects/4 

We just started posting our monthly updates in OpenStreetMap Community site. See the July updates here: https://community.openstreetmap.org/t/tasking-manager-monthly-update-blog-july-2022/2049.

  • Infrastructure maintenance
      1. Writing Backend test cases has been resumed and will be continued for all the new features.
      2. Implementation of OAuth 2.0 authorization framework, releasing soon!
  • Testing the “Testing week”
      1. We launched Testing week on the last week of every month since May. You can use https://tasks-stage.hotosm.org/ to test the latest updates or get reminded on the #tasking-manager channel.

  • In-person meeting in Kathmandu


🎉June was interesting at KLL and hot_tech met in person in Nepal where we had sessions on related to Issue prioritisation criteria and Product Strategy & Management. Also, we enjoyed chocolates from different region:)

What next?

  • Register for August Meet Up 3 August 9:00 UTC or 16:00 UTC

👷Direct link: https://meet.jit.si/TaskingManagerCollectiveMeetUp 

👷Sign up here to receive a reminder: https://bit.ly/3tTsOPO

  • Meet and chat at SOTM and FOSS4G

      👷We will be there at SOTM and also presenting at FOSS4G.  If you are attending, we are happy to talk to you. Also, we have a session on FOSS4G: https://talks.osgeo.org/foss4g-2022/talk/HS3RL9/ 


 Let’s collaborate together to bring more delightful enhancements in the coming days. For any valuable inputs or feedback about any of the features, we’d love to hear your thoughts! Please feel free to join Slack #tasking-manager if you haven’t or leave a comment in github. 


Happy August. May we achieve more 🙂



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