Nepal Earthquake: Report from KLL Situation Room – May 22

Greetings from the KLL Situation Room!

Today, we will give you a sneak preview on what has been happening behind the scenes on days we had not been blogging.

Indiegogo Crowdfunding

We have launched an Indiegogo Crowdfunding campaign to help us cope with the increasing demand of map and GIS for disaster response and recovery. 44 awesome people have donated 5,040 $ to our indiegogo campaign ( We would like to thank all of whom have donated and shared it. We have reached 10% of our funding goal, please help us spread the campaign and create Maps for Nepal.

Upgrades on has some new features and datasets added to it.

  • Auto-updating Excel Reports
    One can now get an auto-updating list of latest reports coming into All you have to do is click here and save the file on your computer. Every time you open this document, you will get an updated list of latest reports from automatically. The list updates every 60 minutes automatically.
  • Printable Auto-updating Excel Reports
    Need to print the the latest list of reports from Click here. We now also serve a printer-friendly version of auto-updated list of reports.
  • Get updates on Reports you commented on
    Whenever a new comment is made on a report, all people who had previously commented on this particular report get notified via email. We have added this feature in order to relay the latest developments on reports – particularly  to the person who filed the report and organization(s) responding to it so that they know what is currently happening. Since it uses emails for notification, only those who had furnished their email addresses while commenting will be getting notifications.

    Get the latest email updates on reports you have commented on
    Get the latest email updates on reports you have commented on


  • New Dataset on Who’s Doing What and Where Page
    We have added three more links to documents (NERC Matchmaking Database, YellowHouse Volunteer Group Relief Operations, and Bibeksheel Nepali Earthquake Relief Data) that show what different relief organizations are doing in different places. In particular, this will be helpful to responding organizations in making informed decisions as to what and where their next relief efforts should be directed to.

Featured Volunteer of the Day

Time to meet our awesome volunteers who have been toiling hard at QuakeMap:

Rejil Shrestha - QuakeMap Featured Volunteer of the Day
Rejil Shrestha – QuakeMap Featured Volunteer of the Day

Our featured volunteer for the day is Rejil Shrestha. Rejil has been approving the reports coming to the platform and categorizingthem. He also takes awesome photos for us and has provided his powerful laptop when our team needed it. Here what Rejil has to say about his experience.

Why are you here?
The first thing that comes up in anybody’s mind in such a time like this is, “What can I do to help?” I had the same question. This data mapping concept initiated by Kathmandu Living Labs was exactly that served my interest as I am an IT student. With no further thoughts needed, I joined this amazingly determined team to map the data collected from reporters all over the country and provide information to relevant organizations, which ultimately provides help to the victims.

I handle the approval of the reports coming into our database from the affected areas and categorize them as per their severity. I figure out what kind of help are people in different areas needing and keep a track of what action is being taken from our side by reading the live comments in the reports.

Where were you during the earthquake?
I was in my room at my home, taking a short break and relaxing after doing my college assignments when the earthquake happened.

How has your experience been?
The feeling of satisfaction that I am getting here is very fulfilling. Taking care of your people in any way possible is itself, greatly satisfying but as I am helping them in a direct way, there is no other feeling that comes any closer to making me happy.

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