Nepal Earthquake: Report from KLL Situation Room – Day 13 (May 8)

While we continued working on, and OSM today, we have chosen to give a different taste in today’s Situation Report.

We had been playing futsal twice a week since last one year at KLL. Futsal is a great way to refresh and build team. Today, we again played it for the first time after the earthquake.

Some of you have suggested us to take break and spend some time in physical exercise. We wanted to share this picture in today’s Situation Report to ensure you that we have taken your suggestion seriously. The futsal ground was used as a shelter immediately after the earthquake. It also indicates that lives are slowly coming back to normal.

From Crisis Mapping to Futsal
Breaking Crisis Mapping and Playing Futsal

The Futsal ground cannot accommodate all our team members. Only a part of our team participated in the game today. Others were still working while some of were playing.

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