Chile Earthquake and KLL’s Remote Efforts

Every Friday, KLL celebrates 60 minutes of brown-bag ‘Innovation Hour’ in which the team members bring in new, fun ideas to the table. However this week’s innovation hour was different. This week’s KLL Friday Innovation Hour was dedicated to the recent Chile Earthquake. Following the massive 8.3 quake in Chile on Wednesday, Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team (HOT) had created mapping tasks in order to expedite mapping of critical features in the affected areas using satellite imagery and the OpenStreetMap.

HOT created several mapping tasks. These tasks require volunteers to identify, map and in some cases even rectify critical features like roads, open spaces, residential areas, and individual buildings in the affected regions of Chile. The KLL team responded to these HOT tasks by putting in a solid eight man-hours of mapping these features.


Chile Earthquake Remote Mapping Begins at KLL


Using JOSM (map editor) and Bing Aerial Imagery to map critical features in Chile


Mapping critical features continues…

These mapping tasks are still far from being complete, though. If you want to help Chile’s mapping efforts, you can find instructions on how to pick a task and what and how to map here.

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