Beginning of Second cohort of DIAL – Creating Next Gen Mapping Leaders and Activists (Day 4)

The final day of orientation started with Simon Sinek’s reflective video on ‘how great leaders inspire action’. In that video Sinek speaks on how great leaders become successful in their fields because not only do they understand the “what” and “how”, but on “why” they do the things they do. The interns were then requested to reflect on the video and some participants shared important insight on their career decisions and changes. After a short discussion, Manoj Thapa took the floor to give an overview of Teach OSM tasking manager He introduced MAPS.ME as a navigation tool and the process to contribute data on OSM through it. The interns also understood new initiatives like MAPSWIPE and OSMStreak through which one can enrich data in OSM.


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After lunch the interns met Marek Kleciak, an OSM enthusiast who considers himself half Nepali and half Polish, over digital media. As an extremely dedicated mapper, he talked to the interns on the importance of staying motivated with the task on hand, and not quitting things if they get difficult. At the end of the talk he invited all the interns to be in touch and work collectively to map Nepal together. With the formal sessions of the orientation almost over, Ritika conducted an energizer ‘Bear, Cowboy, Ninja’ to drive home points such as developing strategies in a team, and understanding when to be a leader and when to be an effective follower.



Then, Pradip Khatiwada and Kshitiz Khanal took some time to discuss the guidelines and expectations of the internship with all the participants. The interns were engaged and curious to know how the rest of the internship would map out and the importance of their roles as digital interns and leaders. Then, Ritika ended the formal part of the day with a video by Reggie Rivers – “If you want to achieve your goals, don’t focus on them” – which inspired the participants to focus on making small but noticeable changes in their behavior in order to ultimately achieve their goal.


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In a small discussion with the interns on their expectations and learning, the interns shared that they really enjoyed the orientation and were looking forward to the rest of the internship. They expressed their motivation to actively contribute to mapping for social change. Then, the participants walked from the program venue to KLL premises (with the help of MAPS.ME) where the KLL staff eagerly awaited to meet the interns with tea and cookies. This informal socials was planned to increase communication between the KLL team and the interns, and also give them space to meet and communicate further with the panelists, presenters and organizers of DIAL.


With this, the four-day orientation came to a close with the idea that the interns became well equipped with tools and technical expertise in achieving their goal of becoming digital leaders and changemakers.


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