Beginning of Second cohort of DIAL – Creating Next Gen Mapping Leaders and Activists (Day 3)

After the dense second day, the third was all about MAPPING! The day began with a remote talk by Professor Bertram Bruce who spoke on community engagement of youth, and incorporating experiences in community in the form of curriculum which increases practical relevance of education. Despite technical difficulties, the participants enjoyed the talk and reflected upon issues raised by him.


dial 7 kshitiz


As sustainability remains a recurring theme, a short presentation on SDGs was a must. The presentation was done by Kshitiz Khanal, co-organizer of DIAL, fellow researcher and SDG enthusiast at KLL. The talk focused on how sustainable development goals are centered on resolving some of the most pressing problems faced by humanity as a whole – and are everyone’s concern. After the theoretical underpinnings, the day quickly proceeded to the participants engaging in mapping. Manoj Thapa took the floor and effectively discussed issues faced by participants while using OSM tracker to get raw data. Participants faced issues such as tracking multiple informations on one node, taking pictures in streets of Kathmandu where traffic is chaotic, among others. Discussion ensued and the issues were resolved, after which the participants entered into the world of remote mapping with JOSM. The participants were enthused to map their own raw data in JOSM, and continued learning and experimenting with different features. After a level of soundness was achieved, Manoj asked the interns to continue practicing and mapping their community as well.


The day drew to an end with an energizer game ‘Jump in, Jump Out’. Drawing on the learnings of the game, the participants were asked to reflect on one thing that was easy for them to learn, one that was difficult and one that they still wanted to learn. Their feedback was noted and we came to the conclusion that they really enjoyed mapping but as they had just started, they found some features challenging. Most of the participants wanted to develop their leadership and presentation skills, and so the organizing team decided to take some time to incorporate this into the Fourth day.


We will tell you how that goes on Day 4 blog!


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