A look into Open Data Day Nepal 2013

Different people, different ideas- and ideas when converged open doors to new possibilities. February 23rd brought along itself a flow of excitements and left behind mass inspirations at the end of the day. The day marked its presence because it announced the first ever “Open Data Day” celebration in Nepal. The movement began when all open data enthusiasts gathered together with a commitment to make a difference; to show that together we’ll lead this revolution and make a remarkable contribution to the community.

A series of events were held throughout the day by different organizations and communities. OpenDRI Nepal hosted Mapathon – mapping in a marathon style. This event started when 30 participants entered the hall with an urge to learn mapping – all well equipped with OSM knowledge and its underlying concepts. Mapathoners not only spent time mapping in the hall but also spent a couple of hours out in the field geocaching. And yes, it was a competition!

Though we regret some of the initial technical glitches, we feel happy that the day, taken as a whole, had enough of new experiences and had a lot to learn from. And why not?  This day marked a significant mass revolution! And I bet those who attended this mass revolution certainly must be rewinding their memories and feeling proud of being a part of it.


We thank all the participants from different colleges who united to map Kathmandu on a single platform – “OpenStreetMap” to share their knowledge. I must appreciate the patience and co-operation shown by the mapathoners which have left us excited and motivated to organize even more of such events. You are the ones who made it possible for the first time to rank Nepal as one of the Top 10 countries for OSM edits in the world with 53 mappers and 51,888 nodes!!


But this is not all! We just set a new benchmark. But benchmarks, like records, are set to be broken.

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