The Living Labs at Software Freedom Day 2013

Talkies, Hackies, editathon and an OSM Clinic for all levels of mappers – newbies to heavy mappers. These were the main attractions KLL featured for SFD2013 at Nepal Academy, Kathmandu.

Our OSM Champion Manoj with his team of doctors (that’s us :D) at the OSM Clinic helped dozens of newbies get started with OSM. Those experienced in using and editing it came at our clinic for solutions for their specific problems. Be that about using a digital map, or using the data on it, or using its API to create interesting stuff, or installing and using OSM apps on their android devices, each of the doctors with their special set of skills helped them all.
Amrit ‘passa’ and our OSM hacker Poshan gave Wikipedia editathoners a hands-on tutorial on integrating OSM into Wikipedia articles. And the Wikipedians in turn gave them a short tutorial on localisation. Poshan even wrote a couple of articles in Nepali. Quite a few articles got OSM integrated into them at the editathon.

We had some Civil Engineering graduates from the Institute of Engineering attending our hackies and talkies sessions. We were delighted at that.

The turnout was pretty good. It was good to see that among those gathered at the venue, both volunteers and visitors, a sizable fraction was female. This shows that girls are no less into open source and open data than guys are. And most of them found OpenStreetMap interesting.

Some of the attendees were interested in OSM’s API. They had interesting ideas for their college projects. I think we need to organize a clinic session focusing on the API one of these Fridays. Those of you interested to attend this clinic, please keep in touch.

And we had some play time at the end of the event.


You can see the pictures from SFD13 here.

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