Software Freedom Day 2014

Rain and Saturday morning , two driving forces that should have been enough to keep us at home in our bed celebrating books with coffee. But not even this combination could surpass our passion for software freedom. Driven by this same passion around 80 people from different communities promoting and contributing to open source software in Nepal together celebrated the Software Freedom Day this year organized by FOSS Nepal.

Nirab Pudasaini, an enthusiast of Open Source representing OSM Nepal
Nirab Pudasaini, an enthusiast of Open Source representing OSM Nepal

‘Technology should not be proprietary,’ and‘Software should be open by default,’ are the kinds of maxims that drive open source enthusiasts. Twelve such open source communities of Nepal presented themselves in this event. OSM Nepal, pioneer of OpenStreetMap in Nepal was also one of them. Nirab Pudasaini, the Android developer from Kathmandu Living Labs represented OSM Nepal in this programme. He delivered a talk, “Through a difficult road, but marching forward with many partners,” and enlightened everyone on OSM Nepal’s efforts, challenges and possibilities to map the whole country.

The program was basically divided into two parts: first being the presentations by different open source communities, and the second called ‘Open Chautari’. The Open Chautari session provided a platform for participating individuals and communities to share their ideas, works and opened ways to communicate on how to build this community bigger and stronger. Many interesting ideas and possible solutions to real problems came up within this 1 hour session which included flying a kite with logos/photos/drawing of all the participating communities from their campus terrace, forming a community of 20 members outside valley interested in open source, and building a corpus for voice navigation in apps for Nepalese people.

Learning about inspirational works having fun
Learning about inspirational works and having fun
One of the presenter presenting during presentation session of SFD 2014
Presentation Session at SFD 2014
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