Rotaractors into mapping

Group picture from Mapping Party at KLL on April 5, Saturday

Group picture from Mapping Party at KLL on April 5, Saturday

When it comes to creating a map for all, surely a good candidate would be the global youth uniting for common good – Rotaract, or Rotary-in-action, one of the most active youth groups in Nepal.

Following a string of mapping parties with our long time volunteering partner, Rotaract Baneshwor, which have resulted in solid contributions to OpenStreetMap in areas outside Kathmandu, other Rotaract clubs of the RI District 3292 have also started to join the cause of bringing the map to all parts of Nepal.

The participants of Saturday’s mapping party were two Rotaract Clubs from RI District 3292, namely Rotaract Club of Baneshwor and Rotaract Club of Kasthamandap, and Restless Development.

The atmosphere at mapping parties here in Kathmandu has always been an electrifying one. Energizing the participants, socializing, information exchange, building upon collaborative knowledge, and of course, mapping – these are the things that define the ambience of our mapping parties here.

Saturday’s mapping party was no less atmospheric. An energizing presentation and discussion in the beginning, a hands-on session with OSM Tracker, OsmAnd and Mero Bhada Meter, a POI hunt out in the field, and the use of collected gps traces to digitize features on the map – at the end of the mapping party the participants were super-excited about having been able to learn so much on a single Saturday afternoon. Almost all participants had an insight to share during the closing discussion. The president of Rotaract Baneshwor, Rtr. Bishal Kafle shared his experience from his Langtang trek and how OsmAnd came in handy on several occasions during the trek. Another Rotaract President, Rtr. Amish Dhungel of Rotaract Kasthamandap, suggested sensitizing more rotaractors within the RI District 3292 network. Other participants, that included business and law students, civil engineers, software developers, even students of biology, presented their ideas about OpenStreetMap from both mapper and user perspectives, and about Open Data in general. And those insights really provide a solid foundation for the Rotaract Clubs of this district and OSM Nepal community to build upon. A partnership between OSM Nepal community and the Rotaract Clubs is, something entirely new, an unprecedented idea bordering around adventure. This is what we’ve already developed in recent times, and we are looking forward to take it to a whole new level.

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