Rotaract Club Baneshwor gets into mapping

“I was supposed to go for a movie with friends, but since the plan got cancelled, I needed a boost up program for my Saturday. I came to know about the mapping party and thought why not? I hope my expectation turns out right” – one of the mapping party attendees.

Futsal was the new hype in our team as we approached the mapping party, which turned out to be a success on Saturday, the 17th of August.

Saturday’s mapping party started with a short introduction of each participant present in the room, from the OpenDRI Team and the Rotaract Club Baneshwor – some familiar faces, some unexpected meetings.

Inspired by the work of mappers in the valley and the success of mapping parties held by the OpenDRI Team since its first year, the Rotaract Club put forth its desire to actively contribute to OpenStreetMap. The club members wanted us to teach them the necessary tools and techniques in mapping.

The party was charged with each participant’s knowledge in their respective fields, professional and academic, and powered by Manoj sir’s selection of snacks. This was, to the best of my knowledge, one of the most interactive mapping parties to date, and one with the most diverse group of participants. This was the first time we had participants who were legal consultants by profession, and a participant from a media arts collective, Sattya, looking for a fertile ground where art meets digital cartography.

The excited participants marched forward on to the streets of Baluwatar exploring the secrets of using the GPS devices they held in their hands, and joined the ranks of mappers.

After learning to upload their data and edit OSM, the Rotaractors challenged us for a friendly futsal match. And they beat us 8 goals to 6!  A victory well deserved :).  But no worries team, we have an awesome new player joining us next week.

And yes, the Saturday’s newbies now  declare to catalyze the OpenStreetMap revolution in Nepal. Here is what the President of Rotaract Club Baneshwor, Mr. Bishal Kafle has to say about the mapping party:

” I would like to thank you and the OpenDRI team for organizing such a special training session for our club and enabling us to gain mapping skills. Our rotaractors have promised to be an active mapper and they will be in touch with your team. If we have any problem, we will definitely come to Friday’s clinic and get support from you.”

Rotaractors start their journey to map!
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