OSM bootcamp at Apex College

Folks at Pokhara University affiliated Apex College in Baneshwor invited us to conduct a one-day OSM bootcamp last Friday.

Our advisor Dr. Nama Raj Budhathoki was invited as a guest lecturer to deliver a lecture on WebGIS and OSM. Rest of the team gave students at Apex a hands-on tutorial on editing OSM during the lab hour that followed Dr. Budhathoki’s lecture.

apex-collegeThis was the first time we gave a tutorial on the iD editor. And we were stunned by how quickly they learned to use it, unlike Potlatch 2 which was anything but easy for total newbies.

The simple controls provided in iD made selection of appropriate elements and tags almost intuitive. We observed that most of the time they were selecting the right tags without any instructions from us, which is a contrast from our past experiences teaching Potlatch 2 to those new to OSM.

The session was very lively. The participants showed a great fervour for OSM. It was quite interesting that after a brief tutorial, when we asked them to explore OSM and experiment with iD, most of them selected their hometown outside Kathmandu as starting point for editing.

Few of the students who attended the lab hour had some ideas for their final year college project and wanted to learn more about OSM’s API and its Frameworks. It would be a pleasure to help you guys out with your exploration of the API, and anybody else interested in learning more about OSM. Feel free to join us in the OSM Clinic every Friday afternoon at the Living Labs.

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