OpenDataDay 2014 OSMPatrol: Senior Mappers Enhancing OSM data

Nepal celebrated Open Data Day for the first time in 2013. On this occasion, Kathmandu Living Labs had organized mapathon to train new mappers. After a year, the OSM community in Kathmandu, Nepal has grown in terms of contributors as well as contributions. Some are hit-and-run mappers, who have edited once and then vanished. Some are casual mappers, who map occasionally. Few are recognized as heavy mappers, people who have made significant number of contributions to OSM. Check what kind of mapper you are here. This page shows people who have mapped in an area.

Last year our focus was to create OSM data, and we did quite a lot of that. Now it is time to take ownership of what our collective effort has created and to preserve our accomplishment. Kathmandu Living Labs organized first OSMPatrol in Nepal, where the senior mappers come together and check and enhance the data of a specific area, discuss their ideas and findings. Shashish Maharjan, Amrit Karmacharya, Manoj Thapa, Helina Shrestha, Suresh Shrestha, Poshan Niraula, Nishant Khanal participated in this event which lasted for 2 hours. During the edit session, OpenStreetMap data of different parts of Nepal were validated using JOSM Validator. Mappers were also familiarized with Intermediate training materials and Quality Assurance Guides from Most senior mappers were already familiar with most of these processes but the guides made sure that we were all on the same page.

After Patrolling for 2 hours, we had a discussion session to reflect on the validation experiences during the session. No serious errors were encountered and other minor errors which were found were corrected. The most common error was incorrect digitization with majority of these errors occurring in areas where mass digitization was done, especially during mapping parties. It was also suggested that field verification be included in future OSMPatrols, and focus on quality be taken together with focus on quantity of data. With these two objectives in mind, OSMPatrols will now be organized regularly in different parts of the city.

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