Mapping Party to Travel and Tourism Students

1380722_1419946778219351_839997235_nThe faculty at Apex College thought it was a great idea to get frequently travelling BBA Travel and Tourism students involved in mapping. So we had a mapping party yesterday. This was the first time we introduced OSM to Travel and Tourism students, and this time we gave them a context based on their college major. And giving a context did work. All the students were eager and curious. They registered for an OpenStreetMap account, learned to add points, lines and areas using the ID editor and  some participants were already discussing tagging. By the end of the two-hour session they had pointed out several possible uses of OSM and its data in travel and tourism. At the end we wrapped up the session with a demo on how they could use their Android device to collect map data with OSM Tracker during their frequent travels. They were also introduced to OSMAnd and how it could be an useful guide to them while visiting a new place.

Another goal we had set for this event was to encourage mapping in places outside Kathmandu. Their Android devices armed with OSM trackers, some of them have promised to get their hometown mapped when they visit during the Dashain Holidays that start next week.


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