Mapping Party at Biruwa Ventures

Today, we had friends from Biruwa Ventures and Kathmandu Kora Cycling Challenge at Kathmandu Living Labs to learn OpenStreetMap basics. The party started off with Dr. Nama Budhathoki presenting on the basics of OpenStreetMap. 

We had a screen displaying OpenStreetMap and a website that showed lives edits in OpenStreetMap. Our participants were totally engrossed to see what people around the globe were contributing to the project—in real time! 







Energized participants went to the field and brought along some cool data which they uploaded tOpenStreetMap during the editing session. In addition to adding new points to the map, participants checked and updated the map of Baluwatar.

Participants expressed their interests in developing their mapping skills and sensitizing their friends and families with their new knowledge. We really hope to see new edits in OpenStreetMap from our newbies.
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